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PsiNaptic is the only company developing and marketing stand-alone middleware that can extend the power of Jini network technology to resource-constrained devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), sensors, actuators, telematic units or medical devices.

PsiNaptic was founded to address the problem of allowing objects to join a network and either consume or provide services and information in a manner that is completely transparent to the user. This means that a device such as a mobile phone can seamlessly and ubiquitously transact as it moves from environment to environment. JMatos/CMatos technology ensures that the device gets the right software only when it needs it. This allows a user to consume a service in an ad hoc manner without having to install and maintain specific software on the device.

Currently, the client software must be specifically written and installed for each type/kind/model of device, limiting its capability. JMatos and CMatos leverage the ability of Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to 'write once, run anywhere', by providing the actual byte code required by the client. This byte code (or Object) is loaded and instantiated on the client and run locally.

As machine-to-machine communications becomes more ad hoc, ubiquitous, contextualized and free of human intervention, so will business models have to change to allow the user unlimited access to information and services, when and where required without the constraints of having the appropriate driver, configuration or revision level.

PsiNaptic has developed knowledge and built expertise in pervasive computing technologies in the mobile embedded space. We have authored several documents that highlight the trends and challenges in this area, as well as technical papers that compare different distributed computing frameworks. For additional information and the latest presentations, click here.


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