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PsiNaptic delivers pervasive computing solutions for a variety of markets including mobile information devices, automotive telematics, medical devices and home and industrial automation. We work with our customers to add low-cost, low-power wireless networking and spontaneous interaction capabilities to everyday objects. We are committed to understanding our customers' unique needs as well as the needs of their customers.

PsiNaptic's software products enable small devices that have never encountered each other, to interact and share information and services seamlessly and autonomously without human intervention. JMatos software enables resource-constrained devices to become more functional and powerful end-user tools, allowing them to take advantage of the functionality and capabilities of other devices they interact with.

Picture this: as you leave home in the morning, your mobile or PDA resets your home thermostat and security system. Once in the car, it adjusts your seat, your radio station and the temperature. It can also be used to make a purchase at a point of sale machine or update your medical records at your doctor's office or the drugstore. Each time your device enters or exits a personal area network (PAN), it discovers other services (thermostat, security system, vehicle, POS machine, drugstore) and interacts.

Similary, CMatos, which is functionally equivalent to JMatos, extends Java's reach into non-Java devices. Very small embedded non-Java processors or Bluetooth Chips running CMatos lookup and discovery protocol can offer Java-based services that may be anything from a simple software driver to a full-blown application complete with a graphical user interface (GUI). With CMatos, devices on the edge of the Internet, such as sensors, RFID readers or vehicle diagnostic subsystems can offer their intrinsic information as a Java object to any other wired or wireless device. The possibilities are endless!

Review our vertical and horizontal market web pages, white papers and other materials to learn how PsiNaptic's technology solutions can create exciting opportunities for new and innovative services and applications in the following markets:

Mobile Information Devices (PDAs, cell phones, etc.)

Automotive Telematics

Home, Industrial Automation


Java Virtual Machines

Bluetooth Chips

Other applications? Contact Us and we'll be happy to discuss how PsiNaptic's technology can make it happen.


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