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CMatos for DS80C400

CMatos for BlueCore2


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PsiNaptic Products & Services

PsiNaptic software products bring adaptive networking to embedded processors found in mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), industrial controls, automotive telematic units, medical instrumentation, sensors and appliances.

PsiNaptic has two commercial product lines. JMatos and CMatos.

JMatos is a small footprint implementation of the Jini network technology developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. JMatos allows devices to discover other devices and exchange information and services without human intervention. JMatos is targeted at devices that already run Java technology and have existing wireless or wired communication capability. We are the only company to date to implement standard stand alone Jini technology functionality in less than 100 kilobytes, making it practical for resource-constrained embedded processors.

CMatos is functionally equivalent to JMatos but, written in 'C', extends Jini technology to non-Java devices. Very small embedded processors can offer Java-based services that can be anything from a simple driver to a full-blown application complete with a graphical user interface (GUI). With a total system memory footprint of less than 60 kilobytes (not including offered services), CMatos complements JMatos. PsiNaptic has implemented CMatos on a number of microprocessors including a version for Dallas Semiconductor DS80C400 Network Controller and a 32Kb version of CMatos for the Cambridge Silicon Radio BlueCore2 (Bluetooth chip).

In addition to our products, we offer integration and testing support for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who license our technology. PsiNaptic Professional Services provide a total product solution including system architecture, hardware, software and application development support that is tailored to specific OEM products and requirements. We provide a modular architecture that allows for simple integration.


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