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PsiNaptic seeks partner companies who wish to add spontaneous and autonomous networking capabilities to their products.

If you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) looking:

  • for an elegant solution for performing autonomous, machine-to-machine communications;
  • to provide your customers with seamless device access and interoperability across unlimited protocols and platforms;
  • for your device to be discovered on a network or other device;
  • for your device to offer Java-based services, from a simple driver to a full application complete with a graphical user interface; (GUI) and/or
  • to move into and between wireless networks and seamlessly appear in that system as devices to be controlled or to control other devices,
Contact us for more information about how to become part of our partnership program.

PsiNaptic's partners are:

PsiNaptic and aJile Systems Inc. have cooperated to make JMatos available for aJile's family of low power direct execution Java processors. This combined offer has passed the Jini network technology compatibility tests required by Sun Microsystems and extends Jini technology to J2ME/CLDC/MIDP resource-constrained devices. Bundling JMatos with aJile processors creates a powerful combination of direct JVM bytecode execution, direct multi-threading support, and fully-protected multiple JVM environments for the dynamic delivery of the Java-based mobile applications and services on a Jini technology-enabled network.

About aJile Systems Inc.

aJile Systems Inc. developed the world's first direct-execution processor for the Java platform. aJile's product lines include a family of microprocessors and IP cores that deliver high-performance, low-power, low-cost direct execution to embedded applications that are based entirely on Java technology. For more information on aJile Systems Inc. and their family of direct-execution Java processors, please see www.ajile.com.

PsiNaptic and Comet Way partnered to integrate JMatos with Comet Way OPS (open production system) server, a lightweight software program for integrating manufacturing systems with other IT applications. The Comet Way OPS server is based on Comet Way's Agent Kernel, an open source embedded Java application server.

About Comet Way

Comey Way builds autonomous agent-based software that makes everyday things smarter. The company is uniquely positioned to manage an ever-expanding universe of information with a variety of agent products and services.

Comet Way solutions allow businesses and developers to embed proactive software in their product and service offerings. Comet Way's service offerings fall into two categories:

  • a platform for embedding agent-based software systems, and,
  • ready-to-use agents that let consumers and businesses benefit from agents immediately

For more information go to www.cometway.com.

PsiNaptic and DallasMaxim partnered to integrate JMatos and CMatos with the Tini Microcontroller. This integration provides Tini with improved networking capabilities.

About DallasMaxim

Established in 1983, Maxim Integrated Products is a worldwide leader in design, development and manufacture of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs). Maxim circuits "connect" the real world and digital world by detecting, measuring, amplifying and converting real-world signals, such as temperature, pressure or sound into the digital signals necessary for computer processing.

For more information go to www.maxim-ic.com.


PsiNaptic and Esmertec have collaborated to integrate JMatos with Esmertec's leading JVM products Jeode and Jbed.

About Esmertec

Esmertec is one of the leading independent software companies focusing on Java solutions and technologies for mass-market devices such as mobile multimedia phones, personal digital assistants and home multimedia systems.

Esmertec's J2ME runtime platform delivers one of the best-in-class Java computing performance to small devices with limited processing, memory and battery resources. Esmertec's component application platform enables handsets manufacturers, operators and application providers to simply create customized services and branding experiences onto mass market mobile and consumer devices with very fast time to market and minimised integration costs.

Founded in 1999, Esmertec is a global company with its headquarters in Dübendorf-Zurich and engineering, sales and customer support operations located in Switzeland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, China, Korea, Taiwan and is represented in Japan.

For more information go to www.esmertec.com.

PsiNaptic is collaborating with Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Group, which recently developed the Vehicle Consumer Services Interface (VCSI) Architecture, based on Java and JMatos technologies. The VCSI allows the integration of multiple devices and services into the vehicle design. Through the interface, future car buyers would have virtually continuous access to information services tailored to their needs, preferences and locations -- from real-time traffic and weather reports to personal calendar notes and restaurant reservation services. The Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Group incorporated JMatos into its VCSI platform specifically to facilitate software-based services for and from the in-vehicle hosting platform.

About Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Group

Research and Advanced Engineering (R&A) is a dedicated organization within Ford Motor Company committed to developing new and innovative ways of building vehicles and doing business. R&A works to anticipate the automotive market in the coming years and decades and helps provide innovative solutions to the technical challenges that lie ahead. R&A incorporates this developed technology into products and processes throughout the organization to drive Ford Motor Company into the future.

For more information go to www.ford.com.

PsiNaptic and IBM have simplified the process of integration and compatibility between PsiNaptic JMatos software and IBM's WebSphere Studio Device Developer, the latest member of IBM's award-winning WebSphere Studio family. WebSphere Studio Device Developer will revolutionize your process for creating and deploying solutions for embedded systems by:

  • enabling embedded devices to exchange information and software applications autonomously, adapting seemlessly to a continually changing environment by using IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer and PsiNaptic's JMatos small footprint Jini network technology implementation;
  • creating advanced embedded applications in a fraction of the time previously required, using WebSphere Studio Device Developer's integrated development environment (IDE);
  • using virtual machine (VM) technology to simplify the task of targeting applications to a wide range of embedded platforms;
  • deplying Java-powered J2ME configurations and profiles or customized configurations using the same tools and technologies

About IBM

IBM strives to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics.

IBM translates these advanced technologies into value for customers through its professional solutions, services and consulting businesses worldwide.

For more information go to www.ibm.com.

Majitek is a licensee of PsiNaptic's JMatos and CMatos techology. Majitek has integrated JMatos and CMatos into its products to create innovative solutions in the building automation and home automation space.

About Majitek

Majitek is a global technology licensing company, providing the tools for next generation businesses to extend the edge of their PCs and server networks to the new world of smart environments, embedded systems and swarms of nomadic devices. Majitek provides a stable platform for rapid application development in the fluid conditions beyond the edge of tranditional IT network environments, seemlessly resolving issues of security, location, device type, communication protocol and operating environment. Building on the power of Java and Jini technologies, Majitek solutions are highly reliable, scaleable, adaptive and responsive to failure.

For more information go to www.majitek.com

PsiNaptic and NextBend have partnered to integrate JMatos and CMatos with their base stations and other products that deliver digital media such as movies on-demand.

About NextBend

NextBend is focused on the creation of products that interconnect and interoperate to deliver digital applications, content and services in a simple, straightforward manner. The Base Station is the foundation for the UniStac system and is either a standard PC or a custom gateway/hub housed in a specialized case that allows additional devices to be connected directly to it. NextBend's patented StacTecT bayonet connector makes connecting new devices simple, eliminates wiring hassles, and allows cooling air to pass up through the stacked system. Using established standards and integrating hardware and software to form digital products provides developers a platform on which to create a renaissance of innovation. NextBend holds multiple US patents that protect the value of products and investments made by our partners.

For more information go to www.nextbend.com.

For more information on any of these partners, please contact us

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