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November 16, 2006 PWireless Congress 2006: Systems & Application in Munich, Germany www.wireless-congress.com
CALGARY, AB. PsiNaptic Inc. (TSX-VN: PST)
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic presented a technical paper entitled Code Mobility: Enabling Next Generation of M2M” at Wireless Congress 2006.
The purpose of the presentation was to inform manufacturers of vehicles, appliances, medical devices, point of sale machines, sensors, music/game players, mobile phones and consumer electronic devices of:

  • How small, wandering processors can use and exchange services over short distance networks (such as Bluetooth or WiFi) without the overhead of central server solutions.
  • How applications can be used when and where needed, as opposed to pre-installing all the applications that you MAY want to use. This allows resource constrained devices, such as mobile phones, music/game players, appliances, medical devices etc. to execute an infinite number of applications.

September 25, 2006 PsiNaptic Inc.Announces JCopia™ Software for the Remote Management of IP Connected Devices
CALGARY, AB. PsiNaptic Inc. (TSX-VN: PST), the first company to implement standalone Jini™ Network Technology for embedded processors, announced today the availability of JCopia™ Software for the Remote Management of IP Connected Devices. Full Story.

September 21, 2006 PsiNaptic Inc.and a Major Automotive Tier One supplier colaborate to integrate mobile devices with car radios.
CALGARY, AB. PsiNaptic Inc. (TSX-VN: PST), advises that it has completed a proof of concept with an automotive Tier One supplier, a world leader in mobile electronics and transportation components and systems technology. Full Story.

June 19, 2006 Interview with Sky Radio Network
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic was interviewed by Sky Radio Network, the producers of the #1 Talk Shows in the sky and on the web. Sky Radio Network provides business, technology, health and entertainment programming to some of the largest airlines in the world, including United, American, Delta, Northwest, US Airways and America West. The interview will air in September, continuously 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, reaching a potential universe of over 182,400,000 passengers per year, on 900,000+ annual flights. Full recording.

June 1, 2006 Interview with Wall Street Reporter
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic was interviewed by Wall Street Reporter. The 15 audio file was webcast for 5 business days as a digital audio file on the Wall Street Reporter website for global institutional investor review. The Wall Street Reporter website receives several million hits a month and other recent CEO interviews can be heard at www.wallstreetreporter.com

May 18, 2006M2M Expo, Palm Springs, CA
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic was a guest speaker at M2M Conference &Expo, a multiple industry-related events over three days, defining the market, the leaders, and the technology breakthroughs of this promising industry. Through real world case studies presented by adopters and suppliers, the M2M landscape will be portrayed through innovative application strategies, best practices, and lessons learned.
Aaron's topic: Securing internal buy-in and external alliances to implement M2M solutions addressed potential adopters concerns which are more complex than simply technological worries. In the existing culture of most enterprises, competitive advantage is usually perceived—to one degree or another—to lie in ownership, secrecy, and sometimes adversarial relationships with suppliers. It goes without saying that such a culture does not blend well with the notion of “openness.” Some of the largest obstacles to implementing M2M solutions come from within. The business development function is key. Personnel will be specialized in finding and evaluating potential partners and cultivating them into actual ecosystem participants.

May 4, 2006The Digital Home Conference and Showcase, Santa Clara, CA
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic was a speaker at CONNECTIONS™, an event produced by Parks Associates in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association. It is the largest executive conference and showcase dedicated to advance digital lifestyle solutions for residential and mobile environments. In the Connecting the Consumer: Technology and Platforms segment of the conference, Aaron was a panellist speaking on Emerging Opportunities in Home Management and Health Applications
PsiNaptic also exhibited at CONNECTIONS demonstrating JMatos in a Home Energy Management application, which attracted a great deal of interest from Utility Companies.

Dec 1, 2005 - Navigation Conference 2005
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic was a guest speaker at Navigation Conference 2005, in San Jose CA, a senior level business conference focused on the automotive and portable navigation industry. Aaron spoke on the topic of digital integration - connecting navigation systems with other devices.

Oct 20, 2005 - PsiNaptic presents at Ninth Jini Community Meeting
Cameron Roe, Chief Software Architect and co-founder of PsiNaptic was a guest speaker at the Ninth Jini Community Meeting in Chicago, IL which is a gathering of companies and individuals using and advancing Jini technology to deliver adaptable network solutions. Cameron presented the vision of mobile and embedded devices dynamically interacting with their environment, the tantalizing benefits and non-trivial hurdles to overcome. Cameron presented how PsiNaptic Jini based software solution can be used to overcome some of these hurdles and how Jini on small devices makes new distributed computing applications possible. He also shared examples of applications being worked on in conjunction with partner corporations.
Jini Community Meeting 2005, Psinaptic Presentation

September 18, 2005 - PsiNaptic invited to present at the US Airforce Research Labs - Space Plug and Play Working Group.
Co-Founder, VP and Chief Software Architect Cameron Roe was invited to Washington, DC, to present to the Airforce Research Labs the PsiNaptic vision of distributed computing for embedded devices. The application of distributed computing within modular, embedded computing devices was a hot topic of discussion.

Sept 1, 2005 - PsiNaptic presents at Automotive & Consumer Electronics Convergence Europe 2005
Judith Arato, Director of Business Development was a guest speaker at ACE 2005, in Berlin, Germany which addressed the technical and practical challenges of engineering and developing low cost, more flexible and integrated vehicle infotainment systems that bring the office, home and lounge to the vehicle. She presented on the topic of future proofing the vehicle for device connectivity - how code mobility can be the solution to meeting the changing needs of buyers who desire mobile, connected, personalized and contextualized content.
ACE Presentation

May 25, 2005 - PsiNaptic presents at Wireless Connectivity World 2005 in London, UK
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic was a guest speaker at Wireless Connectivity World 2005, the worlds largest showcase of wireless connectivity technology. He presented the concept of dynamic networking software to enable seamless interaction between mobile phones, PDA's and CD/DVD/MP3 players, and the vehicle.

May 18, 2005 - PsiNaptic participates at Wireless Connections 2005, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Aaron Dagan, President of PsiNaptic participated as a panellist at a breakout session entitled "Wireless Mobile - Beyond Voice and Email" at Wireless Connections 2005. Moderated by Husam Kinawi, CEO Wireless Edge, the panellist explored two of the hottest emerging wireless sectors pertaining to mobile applications that go far beyond voice and e-mail include wireless access to real time video and audio; and mobile gaming and entertainment. Link these applications with new pervasive computing distribution technologies and you have exciting possibilities for rapid market adoption strategies.

May 16, 2005 - PsiNaptic held a workshop at Telematics Detroit, USA.
Workshop leaders were:

  • PsiNaptic Inc., Aaron Dagan, President
  • Delphi Research Labs, Frank Szczublewski, Senior Engineering Associate
  • Ford Motor Company, K. Venkatesh Prasad, Infotronics Research and Advanced Engineering Technical and Group Leader
  • Sun Microsystems, Dan Hushon, Chief Technologist, Strategic Business Development Unit
Title and content of the workshop was:
Throw out your proprietary solutions for device connectivity into the vehicle. Reconsider embedding applications or short lived, product specific cables, cradles and connectors!
Come and learn how OEM's are future proofing their vehicles using dynamic networking software to enable seamless interaction between mobile phones, CD/DVD/MP3 players and PDA's and the vehicle.

Hear from OEM's and device manufacturers how they are preparing for the next generation of vehicle buyers and autonomous device integration into the vehicle.
Issues open for discussion were:
  • Adapting to the new paradigm: Consumer devices take centre role
  • What's the impact of the digital revolution on vehicle manufacturers?
  • Does it make sense to embedded applications into the vehicle or have proprietary, product specific solutions for device integration?
  • Vision for wireless M2M interaction in the vehicle. Can dynamic networking software make this interaction autonomous, ubiquitous and seamless?
  • Architecting for HMI and UI's - Yesterday the Sony Walkman, today the iPod. How can OEM's and CE prepare for what coming next?
  • Profiling future gen x and y car buyers: mobile, connected, carrying personalized, contextualized info/content. How can the vehicle, as only one component in the mobile environment, meet the changing needs of future buyers?

January 5, 2005 - Aaron Dagan, President and CEO of PsiNaptic speaks at Consumer Telematics Seminar 2005 in Las Vegas on How consumer electronics functionality be kept up-to-date in cars'

June 28, 2004 - Cameron Roe, PsiNaptic's Chief Software Architect presents 'Experiences and Successes in Moving Jini Lookup Services to Embedded Devices' at JavaOne, Birds of a Feather session and presentation.

March 23-25, 2004 - Cameron Roe, PsiNaptic's Chief Software Architect presents at the 7th annual Jini Community Meeting, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.


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