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October 28, 2002

PsiNaptic Announces the Availability of JMatos ™ SDK for OSGi

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA - PsiNaptic, the first company to implement stand-alone Jini™ technology for embedded processors, today announced the availability of JMatos for OSGi.

JMatos, PsiNaptic's small footprint implementation of Jini Technology, brings adaptive networking capabilities to industrial controls devices, automotive telematics units, home gateway and automation, and other embedded devices using the OSGi platform. JMatos has successfully passed Jini network technology compatibility tests required by Sun Microsystems.

JMatos software is a Jini networking technology for embedded processors. It enables resource-constrained devices to exchange information and software applications autonomously, adapting seamlessly to a continually changing environment or network. Applications (or the physical objects they represent) have the added ability to discover each other and cooperate; thus enhancing the functions they deliver. PsiNaptic's implementation does not rely on surrogate architecture and does not assume the presence of a central server, allowing devices to form ad-hoc networks.

JMatos enables system implementations to extend dynamic distributed application and object-oriented methods to the smallest computing devices. The application of these methods greatly reduces system capital costs and operating costs, as well as enhancing system performance.

An SDK of the JMatos for OSGi is available for download at here

About PsiNaptic Inc.

PsiNaptic implements distributed computing frameworks such as Jini technology for use in very small microprocessors. By combining JMatos™ technology with Java™ technology and standard wireless protocols such as Bluetooth™, PsiNaptic works with OEMs to add low cost, low power, wireless networking and spontaneous interaction capabilities to everyday objects. The free JMatos SDK is available for download at www.psinaptic.com

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