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March 21, 2002

PsiNaptic's JMatos™ Software Makes Jini™ Technology Possible on Symbian OS for Mobile Devices

CALGARY, CANADA - PsiNaptic today announced that it will demonstrate the integration of Jini™ Technology with Symbian OS at JavaOne 2002 in San Francisco.

PsiNaptic Inc., the first company to implement Jini Technology for standalone embedded processors, has been working with Symbian to port PsiNaptic's JMatos™ software to the Symbian OS based Nokia 9200 Communicator series of mobile phones.

JMatos, PsiNaptic's small footprint implementation of Jini Technology, brings adaptive networking to embedded processors found in mobile phones and PDAs. JMatos successfully passed Jini network technology compatibility tests required by Sun Microsystems™.

JMatos is a significant step forward in developing a protocol that enables small devices to discover other devices, forming ad hoc network federations in which information and services can be freely and easily exchanged. JMatos provides a completely self-contained Jini implementation in less than 100 kilobytes. This means a small device does not need to rely on the presence of Jini servers or surrogates in the network, allowing clients to independently discover and utilize the services offered by the device.

"There is an emerging need in the wireless environment for mobile phones to be able to interact with each other, and with other devices such as back-end servers, printers, and domestic appliances. In many cases the applications and services provided will operate within a local Bluetooth network, though 2.5G/3G wide area networks also present exciting possibilities," says Jonathan Allin, Symbian's Strategic Product Manager for Java technology. "Jini technology enables simple, spontaneous networking by providing a service discovery protocol that is able to autonomously discover and download applications and their APIs. JMatos, PsiNaptic's Jini implementation, enables mobile phones to form ad-hoc networks where they can share services and applications, creating new opportunities for distribution, for sharing information, and for generating revenue."

"Symbian's interest in evaluating our technology and their close partnerships with mobile phone manufacturers is very significant for PsiNaptic, especially when one considers that Symbian licensees account for approximately 70 per cent of worldwide mobile sales," says Aaron Dagan, President and CEO of PsiNaptic. "We are finding compelling applications for this technology across various sectors, including mobile handsets, automotive telematics, medical device connectivity, security, industrial automation, residential gateways and others."

Visit PsiNaptic during JavaOne 2002 at booth # 409 or visit us at www.psinaptic.com.

About PsiNaptic Inc.

PsiNaptic implements distributed computing frameworks such as Jini technology for use in very small microprocessors. By combining JMatos™ technology with Java™ technology and standard wireless protocols such as Bluetooth™, PsiNaptic works with OEMs to add low cost, low power, wireless networking and spontaneous interaction capabilities to everyday objects.

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