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Medical Solutions

PsiNaptic's technology solutions are ideally suited to enable seamless connectivity for medical devices, helping to improve patient care in hospitals and home care settings.

Hospital Solutions

PsiNaptic's JMatos and CMatos software are powerful tools to connect both new and existing medical devices such as monitors, infusion pumps, etc. to each other and to the hospital network. JMatos and/or CMatos can be added to medical devices via a serial, Ethernet or other interface port, adding wireless networking and Java capabilities to any device. Once enabled, these devices announce themselves to the network and other devices offering their information and services to qualified users and applications. The benefits of JMatos and CMatos technology are:

  • Seamless networking of devices and no end user configuration needed to bring devices 'online'.
  • The ability to retrofit existing devices and the ease of integration with legacy systems.
  • Improved information management. Devices can provide information directly to electronic medical records, billing applications, etc.
  • Device maintenance and tracking; devices can report their status and location to the network; software upgrades and troubleshooting can be performed remotely.
  • Real time, point of care information. Caregivers can access devices directly via handheld devices and laptops or via the network.
  • Distributed data processing increases reliability (no single point of failure), and it reduces costs.

Home Health Care/Telemedicine Solutions

FSA Consumer Magazine writes that, "Medical devices, products and technologies are converging to revolutionize home and self-care health systems, making it possible for people to play a greater role in maintaining their own health. These systems include innovations such as smart devices that can think for themselves, customized wearable devices, electronic patient records, and wireless Internet-linked systems, all expected to deliver convenient, user-friendly, intelligent health care in the home." PsiNaptic technology enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to deliver on the promise of smart, user-friendly home care devices. Possible applications include:

  • Continuous patient monitoring in which a monitoring device seeks the services of a mobile phone to transmit event-triggered or updated physiological data to a monitoring center, all without any patient intervention.
  • Seamless transfer of physiological data to electronic medical record software on a patient's PC or health care portal for review by caregivers.
  • Medical devices can use PDAs, PC monitors or a caregiver's laptop screen to display EKG or other physiological information. The monitoring device sends the software required to display the information to the other device as needed. This dramatically reduces hardware costs by leveraging the presence of everyday devices and eliminates the need for compatible software on both devices.


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