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Machine to Machine (M2M) Solutions

In the traditional sense, M2M occurs over a wide area network. In general, the machines need to have make, model, revision level software pre-installed in order to function. For most resource constrained devices, this is a challenge. For example - in order for a mobile phone to interact with a Point of Sale machine, both devices need to have make, model, version level application software pre-installed on both devices.

The M2M interaction PsiNaptic technology enables, does not require access to a wide area network, nor need each machine to have apriori knowledge of the application. Instead, it uses the Java concept of "write once, run anywhere" and code mobility to deliver application code to devices, when and where the code is required.

These are powerful and unique elements. Devices are able to advertise, find and use each others services in an autonomous manner, by moving software containing intrinsic information about each other's attributes, behavior and services.

Users can go about their daily life routine, moving from environment to environment with their multifunctional, mobile devices, offering and/or consuming services when and where needed, without having pre-installed all the different application software drivers for the devices they will encounter, significantly simplifying the user experience. Other examples are:

  • an MP3 player dynamically discovering and connecting with a vehicle or home sound system
  • intelligent home appliances interacting with the electric grid to conserve energy
  • medical devices used for monitoring patients connecting to existing wireless telephone networks to decrease medical costs and save lives.

M2M interaction (which can also occur in LAN and WAN environments) using dynamic downloading and instantiation of new objects across the net is a mind boggling notion, that once you start to imagine, the possibilities are endless.


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