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JMatos, Jini Network Technology for Embedded Processors

JMatos is an implementation of the Jini Lookup Service and related protocols that enables very small embedded processors to offer Java-based services. Fully Jini network technology compliant, JMatos' less than 100Kb footprint enables resource-constrained devices to find each other and spontaneously offer or consume services on a network or any computing device that acts as a Jini client.

JMatos enables devices, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), telematic units, sensors or medical devices to have their own self-contained Jini lookup service and offer their intrinsic services and information as a Java object to other Jini clients, independent of wider area network availability. In doing so, these devices have the flexibility to access and utilize services on an ad hoc basis, only when and where needed.

Network Architecture

Key Benefit

JMatos extends Jini network functionality to devices on the edge of the net, making possible an end-to-end pervasive computing solution, based on an open standard protocol.

Design Principles

  1. JMatos is fully Jini technology-compliant having passed Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Technology Compatibility Kit.
  2. JMatos is not a surrogate or proxy implementation. It makes no assumptions about network accessibility. Highly mobile devices can form ad hoc personal area networks to share services among themselves without requiring access to a wider area network.
  3. JMatos is not Remote Method Invocation (RMI) based. The computational and storage overhead associated with RMI services are avoided. At the same time, it is possible to support RMI client operations. Thus JMatos is fully transparent to other Jini technology-enabled systems.
  4. JMatos can fit on very small devices with limited processing power and storage.

Technical Specifications

JMatos passed Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Technology Compatibility Kit version 1.2b using Java J2SE.

JMatos has been executed in the following environments:

Windows 98, ME, XP,
2000, CE
1.1.8, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 Intel Pentium (PC) iPAQ
Linux PJava TINI® 1.02-1.11 DS80390, DS80400



Pocket PC J2ME (CDC,CDLC) aJile aJ100 Nokia 9210
QNX IBM J9 Arm  
OSGi esmertec Jbed 1.3.1 Xeva  

Memory usage (can be influenced by operating system settings)

JMatos lookup code - 65 KB
JMatos client download code - 32KB
Data memory - 50KB

TINI 1.11:
JMatos lookup code - 47KB
JMatos client download code - 50KB
Data memory - 50KB

System requirements:
JVM - 1.1.8-1.4 PJava (device dependent)
IP networking
JMatos memory requirements (this does not include JVM or IP networking):
Code memory - 100KB
Data memory - 50KB

Developer Benefits

  • Jini applications are not restricted to the enterprise level but can be developed across a broad range of platforms from big-iron servers, PCs and laptops to PDAs or even embedded sensors, control systems and appliances.
  • There is a reduction in the time and cost required to develop and deploy applications through leveraging standard Java and Jini building blocks.
  • The technology creates applications and services that work across platforms.
  • The technology allows developers to take advantage of Jini's ability to function reliably in dynamic network environments. Points of failure can be minimized or eliminated, maximizing network service access.
  • The technology allows developers to minimize management and maintenance overheads.
  • Future proofs applications used by clients, ensure they are always current, avoiding costly downtown for upgrading and versioning issues.

Downloadable SDKs

JMatos SDKs are available for download from PsiNaptic's Developer Community page

JMatos Version 1.1 for Windows
iPAQ running Jeode PJava
JMatos for the Tini-1.11
Installable bundle for OSGI platforms
JMatos Version 1.1 for Linux
Sharp Zaurus running Jeode PJava
JMatos for the J9 Virtual Machine, J2SE for J9 Windows
JMatos for the J9 Virtual Machine on the iPAQ



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