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Computing costs are becoming ever less and processors are finding their way into everything in the home, our buildings and industrial settings. How will all these devices communicate and perform tasks on our behalf without having to manage the attendant time and cost?

Shrinking computing costs have led to greater complexity among computing devices. We spend more time and money just configuring, managing, and learning about our computers. We naturally want these things to share information, to network them together, and that's where the nightmare really begins—a nightmare of catering to our machines. What about the computers we can't see, the ones that are deeply embedded in things all around us? They too might have useful information and services, but we just don't have the time and energy to manage them all!

CMatos for very small, embedded processors, and JMatos technology offering Java-based services opens the door for home, building and industrial devices to participate in the next era of machine-to-machine communications.

The technology enables devices to discover and share services and information without human configuration and management. Devices exchange Java-based services using Jini mechanisms that are dynamic and can adapt to the changes real devices see in real-world computing networks. PsiNaptic has created a Jini technology-compliant implementation for small devices and enables them to participate in a pervasive computing environment. Its about giving these devices the ability to share the information and functions that are intrinsic to them, and how they can do that together on our behalf without us having to manage them.

People are in danger of becoming servants of our machines. It should be — must be — the other way around. The smaller the device, the more it needs to do things autonomously, on our behalf. Ideally, all devices should be able to discover each other and share information and services without any human interaction and with zero human cost.

Ideally, we would like all computers to share whatever information and software are needed to accomplish their tasks. Using JMatos and CMatos technology, services can be deployed where they are needed without the need to reconfigure the network.


The 'smart homes' being built today and planned for the future include a variety of smart devices. Embedded, networked processors are found in every system and room in a house — from light switches to kitchen appliances to heating and air conditioning systems. Home gateways, through which these services can be offered and discovered, are becoming common. A good example is the utility company through which our energy consumption is monitored and managed. Using JMatos and/or CMatos, monitoring and control devices can be found and used by you on your home or work PC, or anywhere else using a PDA or cell phone. CMatos controller services for your appliances can be linked to energy price monitoring applications run by your supplier to ensure specified tasks, such as dish washing, water softening, etc, are run when prices are lowest.

How do we get all these very useful devices to disappear and still achieve what we want?

JMatos and CMatos technology allow us to introduce any device that supports a Jini client and it will discover our home services and allow us to control things. Best of all, CMatos doesn't require a fortune for us to enjoy such capabilities — the cost is in line with the cost of these simple, household devices.


In the industrial environment, Jini services can be exposed to all levels of an organization — from the shop floor where JMatos and/or CMatos enabled devices gather information, control machines, and do many other things, right up to the main corporate information system. This helps reduce cost, is available for legacy systems, and enables distributed control.

In a world where configuring and managing the computing devices is costly and time consuming, and in which ever more computers will be embedded in ever more things, Jini network technology is the best way to get our devices to work between themselves, for us, and not us for them.

Written in Java, these services can be run anywhere. Using Jini technology, these services can be discovered and used everywhere.  

In a world where billions of inexpensive, embedded processors are sold every year, JMatos/CMatos is the only technology allows them to share information and services autonomously. That is, PsiNaptic technology helps these devices do things on our behalf without bothering us unnecessarily.

Put simply, JMatos and CMatos devices work for us, not us for them.


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