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J2ME - CDC/Personal Profile

J9 Windows



  • JMatos for OSGI
  • 1.0 (10/30/02)
  • JMatos for OSGI provides an easily installable bundle for OSGI platforms.


TINI 1.02d


  • CMatos for BlueCore2
  • 1.0 (6/8/04)
  • CMatos for the Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) BlueCore 2 Bluetooth Chip
  • JMatos
  • 1.1 (5/23/02)
  • JMatos Version 1.1 for Windows
  • JMatos for iPAQ
  • 1.0 (8/16/02)
  • Software Development Kit for the iPAQ running Jeode PJava

Developer Community

Providing tools and services for application developers to create compelling pervasive computing applications for embedded devices.

PsiNaptic's JMatos and CMatos technology are available in software development kit (SDK) format for an increasing number of microprocessors, Java Virtual Machines, Bluetooth Chips, development platforms, operating systems and devices.

PsiNapticís JCopia technology does not come in an SDK format. For system integration and technical information please contact sales@psinaptic.com or all PsiNaptic at 1 (403) 775-2236. For a closer look at JCopia generic technical features, please see 'Products and Services'.

The JMatos and CMatos SDKs bring the power of Jini network technology to resource-constrained devices. These are powerful tools for creating innovative applications for wired or wireless embedded Java devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), automotive telematic control units, sensors, medical devices and more. They enhance personal connectivity by enabling consumer products and other devices to seamlessly network and interact with each other to share services and information and increase the product's functionality and value to the consumer.

JMatos and CMatos are ideal solutions to the many challenges brought about by the exponential increase of millions of Bluetooth-enabled consumer products entering the market. Bluetooth phones, for example, will need ubiquitous access to other local devices. Consumers armed with their Bluetooth phones will want to dynamically interact with cars, point of sale machines and MP3 players and will want to dynamically and to share games with friends and more. How better to instantiate the discovery of two devices than by enabling a loadable executable code that instantly allows any two devices to share an application or service?

With Bluetooth devices already in the millions and embedded processors in the billions, it is not practical to think that humans will be involved in the configuration and management of these devices as they join networks. Yet there is a need to connect these small, non-PC devices to networks.

PsiNaptic has developed technology specifically to address this need. Developers can use JMatos and CMatos SDKs for most of the commonly embedded processors in their solution design to simplify the process of device connectivity.

Become part of the PsiNaptic developer community. Download an SDK and start developing exciting and compelling applications today.

For a closer look at JMatos or CMatos technical features, please see 'Products and Services'.




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