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CMatos for BlueCore2

Network Architecture
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CMatos, Jini Network Technology for CSR BlueCore2, Bluetooth Chip

CMatos is an implementation of the Jini Lookup Service and related protocols that enables very small embedded non-Java processors to offer Java-based services. CMatos extends Java's reach into non-Java devices and enables legacy devices to become Jini network-capable. Fully Jini network technology-compliant, CMatos' less than 60KB footprint lookup and discovery protocol enables resource-constrained devices to interconnect and spontaneously offer services on a network to any computing device that acts as a Jini client. Even smaller versions of CMatos are available for devices that need only to offer intrinsic data and not register external services.

BlueCore is the silicon engine driving the Bluetooth market. Its revolutionary all-CMOS, single-chip architecture has captured the imagination of product developers worldwide, and it is employed in the majority of qualified Bluetooth-enabled products on the market.

CMatos for BlueCore2 is a 32KB implementation of CMatos that executes on the BlueCore2 chip. Although CMatos for BlueCore2 does not accept registration of external services, it does allow BlueCore2-based devices to participate in a Jini network. CMatos for BlueCore2 makes possible a whole new aspect of embedded design for the CSR BlueCore Bluetooth products. CMatos combined with BlueCore2 enables single chip-embedded devices such as sensors and actuators, to have their own self-contained Jini lookup service and offer their intrinsic services and information as a Java object to other Jini clients, independent of wider area network availability. This powerful combination of CMatos and BlueCore2 opens the door for the multitude of computing-embedded devices to participate in the next era of autonomous, machine-to-machine communications.

Network Architecture

Key Benefits

  • A very small non-Java processor can offer information and software services to any computing device that acts as a Jini client.
  • The technology allows devices to have their own self-contained Jini lookup service that can offer intrinsic services and information to other Jini clients, independent of wider area network availability.
  • The service can be anything from a simple driver to a full application complete with a graphical user interface (GUI).
  • The technology extends Jini network functionality to non-Java devices on the edge of the Net, making possible an end-to-end pervasive computing solution based on an open standard protocol.

Design Principles

  1. CMatos for BlueCore2 is not a surrogate or proxy implementation. It makes no assumptions about network accessibility. Highly-mobile devices can form ad hoc personal area networks to share services among themselves without requiring access to a wider area network.
  2. CMatos for BlueCore 2 is not remote method invocation (RMI)-based. The computational and storage overhead associated with RMI services is avoided. At the same time, it is possible to support RMI client operations.
  3. CMatos for BlueCore 2 can fit on very small devices with limited processing power and storage.

Technical Specifications

Passed Sun Microsystems Inc. Technology Compatibility Kit version 1.2b using Java J2SE.

CMatos tested on:

Casira Development Kit
  CMatos lookup code - 4KB
  CMatos service registrar - 3KB
  CMatos client download code - 25KB
  Data memory - 160KB

System requirements:
Networking (PAN profile)
  - this firmware requires 8 megabits of Flash

Developer Benefits

  • Developers save cost and time by developing on a single chip solution for many embedded network applications. The highly-integrated BlueCore IC combines radio and baseband DSP with fully-qualified Bluetooth protocol stack and an onchip RISC microcontroller capable of hosting CMatos for BlueCore2 and applications.
  • CMatos for BlueCore2 utilizes the standard and ubiquitous TCP/IP network stack for communication, significantly simplifying application development for Bluetooth devices.
  • Because CMatos for BlueCore2 can offer an API implementation as Java byte code, the implementation can be downloaded and executed by a Jini client when needed. This simplifies application development for Bluetooth devices and future proofs applications that are no longer dependent on profile specifications.
  • Jini applications are not restricted to the enterprise level but can be developed and deployed across a broad range of platforms from big-iron servers to PCs and laptops to PDAs or even embedded sensors, control systems and appliances.
  • Developers can take advantage of leveraging standard Java and Jini building blocks as well as Jini technology's ability to function reliably in dynamic network environments.

Downloadable SDKs

CMatos SDK for CMatos for BlueCore2 is available for download here.


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