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PsiNaptic Inc.   
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PsiNaptic™ Inc.
PsiNaptic is a technology company that develops and markets middleware software based on open standards to address the growing need to connect small, low-power wired or wireless devices without human intervention, configuration or set up.

Managing the proliferation of embedded devices
With today's complex technology, people spend far too much time learning, configuring, managing and being frustrated by the very technology that is supposed to make their lives more productive and enjoyable.

Current PC and server models require users to install and configure both applications and communications functions. This method is practical and cost effective for larger devices because it can tolerate human intervention to load and manage software and configure devices to a network. However, such is not the case for embedded systems that are small, inexpensive and often lacking user interfaces.

The era of local machine-to-machine communication
The next wave of communications will be characterized by local machine-to-machine communication on behalf of people, versus the current web model where people connect with machines to consume information primarily in the form of e-mail and web pages. Individuals, as they go about their daily life routine, moving from environment to environment, should be able to provide or consume services when and where needed.

Similarly, networked devices such as home security systems, medical instruments or appliances connected to an intelligent meter, should be able to be added or removed from the networked environment, triggering auto discovery, dynamic configuration and the sharing of services.

PsiNaptic technology – facilitating pervasive computing
PsiNaptic solutions operate on multiple platforms, across various networks, and in all environments. With PsiNaptic small footprint adaptive networking technologies, networks of intelligent objects – from servers to embedded processors and Bluetooth® chips – can dynamically exchange information and services where and when needed, on a single protocol, independent of how the underlying hardware or software are configured and/or managed.

PsiNaptic Products
PsiNaptic's JMatos™ is a 100KB stand-alone implementation of Jini™ Network technology that enables very small embedded processors to offer Java™-based services.

PsiNaptic's most innovative middleware, CMatos, has an even smaller footprint at 60KB. It is functionally equivalent to JMatos, extending the reach of Java into non-Java devices. Both products enable legacy devices to become Jini network capable.

By combining JMatos and CMatos with standard wireless protocols such as Bluetooth or WiFi, PsiNaptic works with OEMs to add low-cost, low-power wireless networking and spontaneous interaction capabilities to everyday objects.

Where to use PsiNaptic technology and products
Please review our vertical and horizonal market web pages, white papers and other materials to learn how PsiNaptic technology solutions can create exciting opportunities for new and innovative services and applications in the following markets:

We enable seamless device connectivity!

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